Where is that in the Bible?


Catholics believe that only God can create life and that from the moment of conception he gives each human being a unique, unrepeatable, and immortal soul. The latest scientific advancements support the fact that human life begins at conception. This understanding leads Catholics to defend all life from the moment of conception until natural death.


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Catholics are often asked by fellow Christians, “Where is that in the Bible?” While Catholics hold that the deposit of Faith is found both in Scripture and Tradition, we need to show the Scriptural foundations of our beliefs to those who consider Scripture the only authority.

Here you can explore the Scriptural basis against Abortion, a Catholic belief that others consider controversial.

You can also find answers to common objections to the Church’s interpretation of these verses, drawing on other verses and historical context to explain the Catholic perspective.

We hope this helps you and our brothers and sisters in Christ discover the Biblical roots of Catholic beliefs in a deeper way.